For a younger, firmer face


For a younger, firmer face


For a younger, firmer face


The ‘True-Lift’ is a procedure that aims to re-tighten the ligaments of the face and create lift, but without adding unnecessary volume.

About True-Lift

The ageing nose

The soft tissue structures of the face are attached to the bone in 5 places by anchoring structures known as true ligaments. Through ageing these ligaments become lax and we get descent of the fat pads in the face which results in drooping eyelids, nasolabial folds and jowls.

By injecting filler directly into these ligaments we are able to restore strength to these supporting structures and create a subtle lifting in 5 areas of the face. These are:

  • The brow
  • The cheek and nasolabial area
  • The upper lip
  • The pre-jowl area

This treatment is often combined with regular filler procedures to restore lost volume to produce a natural and beautiful outcome.


What type of filler?

2mL of a high density cross-linked filler is used in this procedure.

Pain relief during procedure

The procedure itself is relatively comfortable, however due to the ligaments being re-tightened directly there can be some mild discomfort for the following 24 hours.

The True-Lift procedure

The 4 retaining ligaments of the face are identified and marked out. They are then injected directly to create a lifting of the face.

Possible side effects

As with any medical procedure there are some risks to consider. Most patients will have some degree of swelling associated with this treatment, but this will settle over the following few days. There may be some discomfort, bleeding or bruising. There have been cases in Australia of vascular injury whereby filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel. It is very rare but if it occurred could lead to necrosis of the skin or visual loss. A thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and safe injecting techniques can greatly minimise this risk, however if any signs were to occur the filler would need to be dissolved immediately.


There is minimal (if any) recovery for this procedure. As the filler is placed deep on bone, it would be rare that there would be bruising or swelling associated with the procedure. There can sometimes be some mild discomfort for the 24 hours following injection. This can be relieved by paracetamol alone.

After care

No makeup or lipstick for 4 hours. No exercise for the next 24 hours. Avoiding alcohol that evening will minimise any bruising. Applying ice will also help with swelling and bruising. No swimming for one week.


Every face is different – so there’s no such thing as a cheek, chin, jaw or tear trough ‘price’. It depends your existing features and what your individual face needs. So you will be guided by Dr. Allison on how many ml’s of filler you need during your consultation. Please see our prices.