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Treat dark circles under your eyes with a tear trough filler.

Treating dark circles is no longer a Hollywood secret. At Dr Scott Allison’s Clinic, We specialise in this delicate area with a treatment that delivers results- A tear trough filler

In medical terms, the hollows in the area between your lower eyelid, cheek and nose are called tear troughs and they can give you the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.

At Dr. Scott Allison, we specialise in minimally invasive procedures and tear trough fillers are one of our most sought after treatments. Unlike eye cream brands, we offer personalised solutions designed to help you achieve all your skin goals. We evaluate different areas of your skin before suggesting the right procedure.

What causes dark circles and under eye bags?

There isn’t just one reason why you may have them. They can appear due to genetics or ageing.

  • AgeingAs we age, we lose a natural protein called collagen in our skin that gives us volume and a ‘lift’ in our faces. In fact, after we turn 20, we lose 1-2% collagen production, every year! This creates depressions and hollows under our eyes, giving us the tear troughs we all despise. With ageing, we also tend to lose mid-cheek bone support, making our skin appear loose and drawn out.
  • Natural Anatomy
  • There are many anatomical reasons as to why you may develop sunken eyes. Sunken eyes often occur due to allergies and your body’s natural fluid retention under your eyes.
  • Genetics
  • In most cases, tear troughs occur due to genetics rather than age. A lot of our patients who have this procedure are quite young. If any of your parents had tear troughs naturally, there’s a high chance that you may have them as well.

What does the procedure entail?

When you come in for a consultation, we take a look at factors such as the bony structures in your eye orbits and the volume under your eyes. After this, we offer you a tailored solution to improve the appearance under your eyes.

Generally, the procedure takes about 4 weeks and happens in two stages. Our aim in the first stage is to create an 80% improvement in the appearance of your under-eyes. We then further refine it in the next stage. This gives enough time to improve the look of your under eyes without causing ‘puffiness’.

Every procedure is unique to each individual. Below is a general breakdown of how we treat most of our patients:

Bony Support

First we improve the structure of your eye orbit. The orbit is the bony structure that encompasses the eye. It also includes the muscles and other appendages. We use a structural filler to give your eyes bony support.

Volume Replacement

The next step is replacing the volume in the deep fat pads under the eye muscles. As a way of giving your under-eyes a ‘lift’, so to reduce the appearance of your sunken eyes, it’s crucial to create a subtle increase in volume.

The ‘Tear Trough’ Filler

These are injected in the innermost point of the eye. They come in the form of injectables which use hyaluronic acid. If you’re afraid of needles, fear not! We use a topical numbing agent to reduce the discomfort that sometimes comes with injectables.


Lastly, the separation between the eyelid area and the cheek (known as the lid-cheek junction) is gently blended to allow for a more youthful and soft appearance around the eye.

Possible side effects & aftercare

The area under the eye is thin and has multiple blood vessels. A degree of bruising and swelling after the procedure should be expected. This swelling generally reduces within a few weeks.

The aftercare is similar to that of other dermal filler procedures:

  • no makeup for 4 hours
  • no exercise for the next 24 hours
  • avoiding alcohol that evening will minimise any bruising
  • applying ice will also help with swelling and bruising
  • no swimming for one week

Other side effects include getting a boost in confidence and a youthful glow that lasts for months!

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Who is Dr Scott Allison?

Dr. Scott Allison is an expert Cosmetic Physician and international trainer in cosmetic injectables who is based in Brisbane. With extensive experience in dermal fillers, cosmetic injectables, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures like pearl laser fusion, Dr. Scott can tailor a treatment to suit your individual needs. Book in for a free consultation or call 1300 165 374.