Top 7 Facts About Lip Filler For Men

Did you know that Australia spends 40% more on cosmetic procedures than the U.S?

In a recent article by SBS, we have surpassed the 1 billion mark with dermal fillers being one of the top five procedures.

So, is there any difference between dermal fillers for men and women? The only difference is the level of subtlety. Unlike most lip fillers for women, the desired outcome for men is maintaining the natural shape of the lip without projecting the volume far forward from the mouth.

At Dr Scott Allison’s clinic we specialise in men’s cosmetic surgery, and lip fillers are our No 1 treatment.

Why do men choose to have dermal fillers?

Over the course of your life, your lips tend to lose shape. The amount of collagen produced in your body decreases significantly as you age. In fact, after you turn 20, your body decreases production by 1-2% every year!

As this protein decreases, your lips start to droop and thin. Lip fillers are dermal fillers that improve the shape, size, and proportions of your lips.

Lip fillers are also one of the most popular procedures carried out by Dr. Scott Allison. He understands the importance of subtlety and balancing the proportions of your lips.

How will Dr Scott Allison Achieve my desired look?

1. Size

To balance out the size of your top and lower lip, lip fillers can be used to enhance the natural appearance of your lips.

2. Lip border and shade

Lip fillers can also be used to give your cupid’s bow and philtrum columns more definition and shape. To reduce the flatness that comes with aging lips, lip fillers are added to give these areas of the lips more definition and volume.

3. Proportion

Having the right lip ratio is key to achieving a youthful aesthetic. In Caucasian patients, the ‘golden ratio’ is 1:1.68. This ratio will give you the best lip definition. Whereas for Asian and Polynesian patients, this ratio is 1:1.

4. Perioral Rejuvenation

The perioral area is the region around the lips. Oftentimes, a lot of literature on lip definition and enhancement forgets the appearance of the areas around the lips. The area around the mouth tends to lose bone, resulting in hollowing and atrophy of the soft tissue. This is why we focus on boosting the appearance not only of the lips, but also the area around it.

What is Lip Filler Treatment?

There are many techniques used to achieve different results. The most common technique is using an injection to inject the lip filler.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. To ease the pain that comes with it, a numbing agent is applied to the lips 15-20 minutes before.
The numbing agent provides pain relief and makes the procedure easy. Some patients require a numbing agent similar to what dentists use, however this is very rarely necessary.

What can i expect to see with a lip filler?

The outcome of lip fillers for men varies greatly. They can add stiffness or softness in the shape of the lips. They also vary in terms of hydration and longevity.

When you come in for a consultation, we recommend the right lip filler depending on the degree of lift you want on your skin.
Younger patients choose to have more volume while maintaining the natural shape of the skin. Whereas older patients are looking to add structure and definition to the lips.

How long will my results last for?

The results last for 12 to 18 months, however this can be longer in some patients.
The key to the best application of lip fillers is in the technique and location of the application. They can define your lips and give you the appearance you’re after. This is why we highly recommend doing research and finding only a licensed cosmetic physician to take care of your procedures.

What are the side effects?

Lip fillers for men are minimally invasive and come with very few side effects. The most common side effects are swelling, bleeding, or discomfort for a few days, which settles pretty quickly.
There have been cases in Australia of vascular injury where the filler was injected into the blood vessel directly leading to necrosis of the skin and visual loss.

It is important before any procedure that you ensure your cosmetic practitioner is certified and advocates for their customers.
At Dr Scott Allison is an internationally trained expert cosmetic physician with proven results and loyal clients. At our clinic you are in safe hands.

What is the aftercare process following my dermal filler procedure?

The aftercare is similar to that of women’s lip fillers:

  • No makeup or lipstick for 4 hours.
  • No exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoiding alcohol that evening will minimise any bruising.
  • Applying ice will also help with swelling and bruising

At Dr. Scott Allison, we pride ourselves in advocating for our patients and providing nothing but the highest standard in care and cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Scott Allison is an expert Cosmetic Physician and international trainer in cosmetic injectables who is based in Brisbane. With extensive experience in nose fillers, cosmetic injectables, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures Dr. Scott can tailor a treatment to suit your individual needs.

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Who is Dr Scott Allison?

Dr. Scott Allison is an expert Cosmetic Physician and international trainer in cosmetic injectables who is based in Brisbane. With extensive experience in dermal fillers, cosmetic injectables, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures like pearl laser fusion, Dr. Scott can tailor a treatment to suit your individual needs. Book in for a free consultation here or call 1300 165 374.