Dr. Scott Allison – Terms & Conditions

All information contained in this email was correct at the time of writing, variations of information or pricing provided can change by the time of your appointment.
Treatments vary from individual to individual and Dr. Scott Allison or his nurses may not be able to always treat you for what you have enquired/made a booking for. Before determining if you are suitable for the procedure and proceeding with medical treatments, Dr. Scott Allison and his nurses must take a history, examine you and have a discussion to assess whether they are comfortable with treating you.

Consultation fee:

Patients seeing Dr. Scott Allison for consultation are charged a $100 fee for the consultation. This fee is waived for Cosmetic Consultations.

Cancellation fee:

Cancellation fee of $100 applies to appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notification. If your appointment is scheduled less than 24 hours before your appointment time, a $100 cancellation fee does apply should you cancel the appointment.

Providing Identification:

Every patient needs to bring valid photo ID, including driver’s licence or passport, to their initial appointment. This ID must not be expired and it must be the physical ID. Your ID will be photocopied and kept in your file. If you do not bring this ID to your appointment, you will forfeit your booking fee and will not be allowed to go through with a consultation or treatment.

Payment at Time of Service:

You are responsible for ensuring that payment is made in full for your account by either Eftpos, Afterpay or credit card payment. If you default on paying your account, Dr. Scott Allison will be indemnified against any debt including legal costs, which include Dr Scott Allison’s and your own solicitor, and any Debt Collection Agency costs.

Suitability for treatment:

Dr. Scott Allison does not accept all patients for treatment. Some patients are unsuitable for the procedures performed at this clinic. Dr. Scott Allison reserves the right to decline or cancel further management of any patient if in the clinical opinion of the medical practitioner or nurse the patient is unsuited for further care. In the circumstance that Dr. Scott Allison would like to cease the care of our patients, we will refer the patient to another clinic. Dr. Scott Allison offers no guarantee or warranty that any procedure will benefit the patient or have guaranteed outcomes.
Whilst every effort is made to achieve desired outcomes the patient must acknowledge that there is no guarantee of results for any procedure.


Every patient will have photography prior to their initial consultation. In making an appointment at the clinic, patients are consenting to this part of the normal procedure of the clinic. Photographs will also be taken again when advised by the doctor/nurse.


Please send all feedback and complaints to info@drscottallison.com.au and the feedback process will be followed.

Dr. Allison consults at Enhance Plastic Surgery in Newstead