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For Youthful Eyes Tear Trough Filler

The tear trough deformity (or sunken under eyes) is a concave hollowing that develops under the eyes and becomes more pronounced as we age.

The tear trough is the junction between two facial muscles that is often made more obvious by the bulging of the fat pad under the eye. It leads to a shadow under the eye which gives a tired and worn-out appearance.

There are several distinct reasons that a patient may develop sunken eyes. If everyone is approached the same way, then results are likely to be inconsistent. That is why it is important that your cosmetic injector properly assess the underlying cause of infraorbital hollowing and therefore tailor the most appropriate treatment. Dr. Allison is an expert in performing tear trough or under eye filler.

What we can Enhance

  • Dark circles and shadows under the eye caused by the tear trough deformity.
  • Correction of hollowing on the outside (lateral) area of the eye
  • Support to the tissue around the eye
  • Improvement of the texture of the eye skin
  • Treatment of fine wrinkles on the lower lid skin

In tailoring tear trough or under eye filler Dr. Allison will address each of the deficiencies individually to create the most beautiful and natural outcome for the patient. These include:

Bone Support

The first step is to improve the bone support of the lower orbit and create a more neutral vector of the eye in the socket. This is achieved by running columns of structural filler along the lower orbit

Volume Replacement

The next step is the replacement of volume in the deep fat pads under the eye muscles. This allows for a more youthful convex curve to the area under eye area, rather than being flat and drawn

‘Tear Trough’ Filler

Only at this point is the bare bone area at the innermost point of the eye (known as the tear trough hollowing) treated. If this is performed without considering the other anatomical deficiencies it will lead to a poor result


Lastly, the demarcation between the eyelid area and the cheek (known as the lid-cheek junction) is gently blended to allow for a more youthful and soft appearance around the eye.

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