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Should you get preventative anti-wrinkle injections?

What are preventative anti wrinkle injections? Dr. Scott Allison explains!

Many of us have heard of anti wrinkle injections but how many of us think of using them as a means of preventing premature ageing?

Anti-wrinkle injections are an incredibly effective way of preventing the signs of premature ageing rather than repairing damage to the skin after the fact. So if you’re looking to look after your skin before the signs of damage or premature ageing make themselves apparent (usually in your late 20’s) then it might be worth a consultation with Dr Scott Allison now. Everyone is different of course and each person’s unique circumstances are as variable as each of us. So if you’re looking for more information or a recommendation about the health of your skin, reach out to us at today.

So, let’s dig in a little deeper into this type or treatment now.

What are preventative anti-wrinkle injections and why are they so effective in preventing premature ageing?

Preventative anti-wrinkle injections work on the theory that starting regular anti-wrinkle injections prior to the appearance of wrinkles (usually in one’s late twenties) will actually prevent the onset of said fine lines & wrinkles. The ideal age to start for each person, however, is variable and depends on a variety of factors including genetics, use of skincare actives, use of sunscreen & time spent outdoors.

How does it work?

When we show emotions we contract the facial-expression muscles that in turn pull on the skin and create lines (known as dynamic wrinkles). Over time as our skin becomes less elastic, these lines can become permanently etched into the skin (known as static wrinkles). Sometimes these muscles are also overactive, which can further contribute to wrinkling. Anti-wrinkle injections are made from a purified protein that, when injected, causes temporary relaxation of the target muscles, thus softening of the lines.

Will it look unnatural?

If done correctly, it should not. To achieve a natural result it is important to consider which lines are desirable and which lines are not. The aim is not to ‘freeze’ someone’s face, but rather to soften lines whilst still maintaining the ability to animate naturally. The degree of softening can be adjusted to your personal preference by adjusting the dose and this should always be discussed with your doctor.

How long will the effects last?

The effect from a single injection lasts between 2-4 months. They are an exceptionally effective treatment for dynamic lines, but are less effective when treating static lines. So, the moral of the story is, that the earlier you start, the easier they are to treat!

How do I learn more?

To learn more about anti-wrinkle injections visit Or to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs book in for a consultation with Dr. Scott. Let’s discuss how you can start the process of preventing the signs of premature ageing today.

Who is Dr Scott Allison?

Dr. Scott Allison is an expert Cosmetic Physician and international trainer in cosmetic injectables who is based in Brisbane. With extensive experience in dermal fillers, cosmetic injectables, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures like pearl laser fusion, Dr. Scott can tailor a treatment to suit your individual needs. Book in for a free consultation here or call 1300 165 374.