Anti-wrinkle injection prices

Anti-wrinkle injection prices are based on how many ‘units’ you need. If you’re new to cosmetic injectables and aren’t sure, you’ll be guided during your consultation by Dr. Allison as to how many are required for the look that you want. You can buy treatments per unit or in packages:

1 Unit


You can purchase per unit for very small areas like an eye brow lift or a ‘lip flip’

2 areas


Recommended for the frown + forehead +/- light crows feet areas

3 areas


Recommended for the frown + forehead + crows feet areas

3 areas+


Recommended for men or more obvious frown, forehead and crows feet lines

Dermal filler prices

Every face is different – so there’s no such thing as a cheek, chin, jaw or tear trough ‘price’. It depends your existing features and what your individual face needs. So you will be guided by Dr. Allison on how many ml’s of filler you need during your consultation.



For touch ups or the subtlest cheek contouring

2ml package


Most often used for the cheeks or jawline, but can be split for different areas

3ml package


Cheek and lips is a great combination but 3ml can also be used to start the process of lifting the face

4ml package


With this package we can lay down the foundations of a more advanced treatment

6ml package


With this volume we can start to reverse sagging, improve the midface and restore more youthful features

10ml package


For addressing significant signs of aging, we’ll need to use a minimum of 10ml for the upper and lower face

The Liquid Nose Job


The Liquid Nose Job uses fillers to improve the shape and profile of the nose

Lip enhancement prices

The most popular lip filler is the 1ml option – giving a balance between size, shape and long-lasting results



There are two main types of 1ml lip enhancement – one is for more subtle shaping, the other is for more volume. All treatments can be tailored to the look that you want

Fat dissolving treatment prices

Fat dissolving treatments are sold as packages of 2 sessions. This is the minimum required to start seeing results. For additional results, extra sessions can be performed up to a maximum of 6. Each session will be spaced 6 weeks apart.

Double chin treatment (2 sessions)


Best performed in people with small pockets of fat and with no loose skin

Extra fat dissolving sessions

$1400.00 per session

After the 2 standard sessions, additional dissolves can be done if required

Facial slimming treatment prices

Basic dose

From $700.00

This treatment starts to slim the main clenching muscle of the jaw and helps to soften the face shape. Great for creating a less squared appearance to the lower face.

Strong dose


This dose will help slim larger muscles of the jaw and is sometimes required for men with stronger clenching muscles.

Teeth grinding treatment prices

Basic dose


This treatment gently weakens the main grinding muscle of the jaw and is ideal is for maintenance treatments

Strong dose


This dose will help control more significant symptoms of grinding and is especially recommended for men or those with very big muscles

Anti-sweating treatment prices

Prices are based on how many units of anti-wrinkle product are needed

Palms of hands or underarms


Stop uncomfortable sweating from the most commonly treated area – 50u per side

Migraine treatment prices

Chronic migraine treatment protocol


150 units of anti-wrinkle product will be used for the forehead, scalp, neck and shoulder regions

Consultation prices

Initial cosmetic consultation (15 mins)


This consultation will involve a full facial assessment and discussion of possible treatment options. This consultation is required before any anti-wrinkle, dermal filler or threadlift procedures can be performed.

Review hormone consultation (15 mins)


Review of progress and any blood tests performed. Adjustments to treatment if necessary.

Initial hormone consultation (30 mins)


An in-depth discussion and review of your medical history and blood panel. Treatment options for any deficiencies will be discussed and planned. Bloods must be taken at least 72 hours before appointment so that results are available to discuss on the day (the cost of these are not included in the consultation fee and are paid directly to the pathology provider).

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