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Found in all living cells of the body, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) contributes to anti-ageing processes and general physical and mental well-being.

As we age, the level of the molecule found in our cells lowers. To provide the body with more NAD+, Dr. Scott Allison now offers treatment with NAD+ injections.

What is NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ exists in every cell of the body. It plays various roles in maintaining the body’s health. Some even refer to it as a molecule that fights against ageing. NAT+ could potentially open doors to new medical treatments, as research has demonstrated that it may reduce the impacts of ageing and long-lasting health problems on the body and brain.

Over time, the NAD+ levels within our cells decrease, affecting the body’s natural healing ability. This can lead to declines in both mental and physical health. Various lifestyle factors can speed up this reduction of NAD+ in our cells, such as stress, certain medications, alcohol consumption, and an unhealthy diet.

To boost the production of NAD+, NAD+ Therapy uses injections to provide full bioavailability from the molecule, allowing your body to absorb as much as possible. While oral supplements of the molecule are available, they are harder for the body to absorb. Injections directly supply the molecule to your body.

NAD+ Therapy Benefits

Since NAD+ plays a variety of roles in the body, NAD+ Therapy can have various benefits for each patient.
Some positive effects of the treatment can include heightened energy levels and reduced fatigue. It can also contribute to improved concentration and mood, as well as facilitate a quicker recovery from both injuries and exercise while improving physical performance.

In technical terms, the biological roles that NAD+ plays include:

  • DNA repair and protection
  • Gene expression
  • Extracting cellular energy from nutrients
  • Sustaining mitochondrial function
  • Preserving the integrity of chromosomes
  • Facilitating calcium signalling
  • Epigenetic and post-translational modifications

What makes a suitable candidate for NAD+ Therapy?

The ideal candidate for NAD+ Therapy is someone who aims to boost energy levels, concentration, memory, mental clarity, and mood, all while proactively addressing cellular ageing.

The treatment can help those facing ageing or mental and physical age-related conditions, but even those who maintain good health can benefit.

NAD+ Therapy can help athletes improve performance levels, improve endurance and assist in the body’s recovery post-demanding workouts or injuries.

Ultimately, to discuss your suitability for the treatment, you will need a consultation with Dr. Scott Allison to discuss your personal concerns and what you would like to gain from the treatment.

Dr Allison may ask some questions about your current physical and mental health, and discuss your expectations to ensure that they are realistic and in line with what the treatment can achieve.

You must inform Dr. Allison of any medications or supplements you’re currently taking, as certain substances have the potential to interact with the treatment.

Results and aftercare

Results from NAD+ Therapy can typically become noticeable within one to two weeks. However, depending on the details of your tailored treatment plan, you may need a series of four treatments. Every patient’s body is unique, therefore, the time frame for noticeable results can differ slightly.

Patients can resume daily activities as normal after the treatment, although monitoring overall health and following some aftercare instructions will be essential.

Dr. Allison will provide you with aftercare instructions during your consultation. Generally, it’s crucial to maintain adequate hydration before and after your session. This involves drinking sufficient water in the hours leading up to your appointment. You may also be advised to adjust your medication or supplement routine. Although you can resume your daily routine after your treatment, you may be advised to rest your muscles by avoiding strenuous exercise or activities.

Keeping the injection site clean will also prevent complications such as infection. Dr. Allison can inform you on how to protect the injection site.

If you notice any changes in your health or have any concerns after your treatment, please get in touch with the clinic for further guidance.

A treatment session

To perform your treatment, Dr. Scott Allison will administer the NAD+ injections into the muscle for optimal absorption.

You might experience temporary muscle weakness, lethargy, and mild stomach discomfort. These sensations could persist for around five minutes, resulting from the concentrated dose entering the cells. Dr. Allison will provide step-by-step guidance throughout this procedure.

As will be discussed in your personalised treatment plan, a series of four treatments are recommended, each spaced out by once a week over four weeks.

NAD+ Therapy Treatment costs

Dr. Scott Allison will tailor the details of your NAD+ Therapy treatment to meet your individual needs.
Costs can be influenced by the number of injections you will receive, total treatment time, the number of treatment sessions and other factors that can vary from patient to patient.

Generally, a single treatment for NAD+ injections costs $250. Alternatively, you can purchase a treatment package of five for $1000.

If you have any questions about the NAD+ Therapy treatment, please book your complimentary consultation at Ascension in Brisbane.

Potential side effects

All treatments can be associated with possible side effects. Dr. Allison will go over the potential side effects of NAD+ Therapy during your consultation in further detail, including what to expect after your treatment and how to minimise side effects.

After NAD+ Therapy, patients may experience nausea, fatigue and headaches. These post-treatment effects generally subside on their own shortly after the treatment session. Some individuals may also experience temporary brain fog. Patients can also experience abdominal discomfort or diarrhoea after the treatment.

Another possible side effect of NAD+ injections can include redness, tenderness, swelling or bruising at the injection site. While rare, infection at the injection site could occur, underlining the importance of proper care.

If you have any concerns or notice unusual reactions during or after the therapy, please inform Dr. Allison or contact the clinic.