Redefine how you age

NAD+ Therapy

Redefine how you age

NAD+ Therapy

Redefine how you age

NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ injections are now something Dr Scott Allison offers in clinic. This is a compound with exciting new evidence that restores energy, improves athletic performances, aids in mental clarity, helps cure cravings and even reverse depression.

About NAD+ Therapy

Research from Harvard University has discovered that NAD+ levels decline as we again, this also affect other mechanisms that our body relies on for optimal health. A class of enzymes called Sirutins play a vital role in regulation of inflammation and DNA protection which ultimately age the body. NAD+ are able to turn off and on the Sirtuin genes that are linked to pathologies of age-related disease.

NAD enhances our cell proliferation which makes it one of the most potent anti-ageing molecules as it decreases the rate at which your telomeres shorten. The research on telomeres is extensive and shows we want these to be as long as possible for delayed ageing.

Energy production of the mitochondria (where ATP is produced) depends on NADH being recycled back to the active NAD+. If this recycling process is not efficient and NADH accumulates the cells can not produce the energy needed and will die. Health and energy production are directly correlated. If the mitochondria of the cell is not functioning correctly you are going to experience lack of energy reserves in the cell. This if untreated will ultimately lead to disease.

Administering a high dose NAD straight to the bloodstream aids in a faster more effective outcome. The high dose optimises your NAD levels, which rev up the energy engine in your cells.

Influences on your NAD levels

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Over Nutrition (Obesity depressive effect on NADPH: key metabolite that resists reactive Oxygen): too much food ultimately causes inflammation to the cells.
  • Sun and Oxygen damage
  • Smoking and recreational drugs
  • Changing Time zone (Circadian Rhythm disrupted) Part time shift workers and poor sleep
  • Neurodegeneration: Brain depletion
  • Heart Disease: Heart depletion
  • Ageing: LIVER depletion

How NAD is different

  • It is restorative. NAD helps your cells heal and helps with cellular biogenesis.
  • It is protective. NAD has shown to be neuroprotective
  • NAD increases production of ATP, which is the currency your cells use for energy.

Most people who experience NAD IV therapy express the following brain benefits:

  • Increased concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Improved mood

Combined with topical application of correct products will achieve optimal results. Dr Scott Allison will formulate correct protocol for your desired outcomes.


Who would benefit from NAD+ injections?

Anyone wanting to improve energy levels, concentration, memory, mental clarity, mood. As well as fight ageing on a cellular level for optimal health.

How does it feel?

Dr Scott Allison will administer this into the muscle for better absorption. You may feel muscle weakness, lethargic and unsettled in the stomach. This can last up to 5 minutes and is just due to the high dose entering the cells. Dr Scott Allison will guide you through this process.

How many treatments do I need?

Four treatments are advised, one per week for four weeks. It is also advised to have maintenance sessions to maintain prolonged results.