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Create definition and shape Jawline Filler

The jawline is a commonly overlooked area of the face, but is of the utmost importance when it comes to balancing the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face.

Jawline filler can restore lost volume and add structural support to the cheek and chin areas, giving a more youthful and balanced jawline. This is often complemented by anti-wrinkle injections to relax some of the overactive muscles in the lower face. Treatments in this area are generally performed after or in conjunction with restoring volume in the upper face to ensure facial harmony and a natural outcome. Dr. Allison has extensive experience tailoring jawline treatments to each patient’s individual needs.

What we can Enhance

Size of the jawline

A small jawline can be increased in size to balance the lower third of the face. Improving a weak jawline can have a significant effect on a patient’s confidence and overall beauty.

Ageing of the jawline

As we age, we lose bone from the jaw and get increased sagging of the fat pads, which leads to jowls. This can be corrected with jawline filler to give a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Shape of the jawline

A defined jawline is beautiful in both men and women, however there are certain features that are gender specific. For example a square jawline in men masculinizes and frames the face, whereas in women a defined jawline to create a more oval shape to the lower face is considered more beautiful. Any asymmetry in the jawline can also be corrected with jawline filler.

Jawline after a facelift

There can sometimes be a deformity near the ear following a facelift procedure. This can be gently corrected with jawline filler to give a more natural angle to the jaw and further enhance the results of the surgical procedure. Dr. Allison frequently works with world renowned Plastic Surgeons in Brisbane to enhance outcomes after facelifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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