About fat dissolving injections

Until recently the only way to treat the double chin (known as the submental fat) was through liposuction. However there is now an injection that dissolves fat cells which are then processed and eliminated by the body naturally.

The fat dissolving procedure

The fat dissolving procedure is performed by numbing the area of skin under the chin with local anaesthetic. A grid is marked up to ensure that equal amounts of product are injected uniformly to produce a symmetrical outcome. The points are then injected with a fat dissolving product (that is actually found naturally in our bodies).

  • What Can I Expect?

Destruction of fat cells occur immediately, however over the following 12 weeks they are slowly cleared from the area by the body’s lymphatic system. Each time this procedure is performed there is loss of about 25% of fat cells in the area. Typically 2-4 treatments are required to get the desired result. This is often combined with jawline filler to create a more defined jaw.

What we can improve with fat dissolving injections

  • Size

A patient with small lips may want to add volume to create a more balanced size to the lips. Younger patients may be looking for ‘beautification’ or enhancement of their lips.

  • Proportion

In Caucasian patients the “golden ratio” of upper to lower lip is considered to be 1:1.68. This is considered by most observers to be the most aesthetically attractive. Some patients may have an imbalance in this ratio which can be addressed by filler. It should be noted that in Asian or Polynesian ethnicities that this ratio is not used as it creates an unnatural appearance. In this group of patients a 1:1 ratio is more natural.

  • Lip border and shape

As we age we tend to loose structure to the lip. This is evidenced by loss of the border and projection resulting in a flat, curled in appearance to the lip. It is sometimes necessary to define the cupids bow and philtral columns to give a more youthful appearance.

  • Perioral rejuvenation

An often neglected aspect to creating beautiful and age-appropriate lips. The area around the mouth is prone to loss of bone resulting in hollowing and atrophy of soft tissue resulting in peri-oral wrinkles & jowling. If the lips are treated without consideration of the peri-oral area this leads to an unnatural aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Allison consults at Ascension in New Farm