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Dermal Filler Aftercare

What is normal after filler?

  • Redness – lasting about an hour.
  • Swelling – settling over 1-2 hours but possibly present for up to 2 weeks.
  • Tenderness – soreness when you press the treated area.
  • Bruising – appears 12-24 hours after treatment. It isn’t harmful but can be embarrassing, so you can cover it with makeup while it fades over 1-3 weeks.
  • Lumps – filler can look or feel a bit firm and occasionally will feel like small lumps under the skin before softening over 4-6 weeks.

What can i do after filler?


  • Cleanse your face as normal.
  • Cool packs and antihistamine medication will reduce swelling.
  • The day after treatment you can use concealer to cover bruises, and arnica or Hirudoid cream to fade them. You can commence using your regular makeup routines.


  • No intense exercise, alcohol, active skincare or makeup for the rest of the day following treatment.
  • No international flights for three days.
  • No swimming, saunas or facials for the first week.
  • No dental treatment for one month.
  • No face-down massage for one month if you have had cheeks, brows or chin treated.
  • No sun glasses for 10 days if you have nose treated.

What should i watch for?

The following signs can indicate an infection or filler blocking an artery. This requires prompt treatment. Please contact Dr Allison immediately if you experience:

  • Large bruises
  • Mottled, red, purple or white discolouration on the skin near the treated area.
  • Increasing pain.
  • Blisters or pustules near the treatment area.

If you notice any of these signs please call Dr. Scott Allison immediately on the number provided to you during your consultation.