About Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Allison can use a combination of topical, oral or light based therapies to achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin.

What we can improve

  • Collagen stimulation

As we age we naturally loose collagen in the dermis. However this process is greatly accelerated by the amount of time we spend outside in Australia as well as the high UV index. This leads to sagging, fine wrinkles and a sallow appearance. By increasing collagen production in the skin we can improve the appearance of the skin. It is never too early to kick start the process of new collagen production in the skin (also known as neocollagenesis).

  • Pigmentation

Change in the colour can occur following acne, inflammation, following sun exposure or due to genetic factors.

  • Photodamage

This is the process of extrinsic ageing that occurs from exposure to UV radiation. This is usually from sunlight, but can also occur in those who use solariums. At a cellular level there is damage to DNA and breakdown of structural proteins in the skin. This leads to wrinkles, pigmentation, dilated blood vessels and development of skin cancer.

  • Acne

This can occur in both adolescents and adults. There are often a variety of intrinsic & extrinsic factors that contribute. There are a range of topical, systemic and light based therapies that can significantly improve or even completely resolve this problem.

Dr. Allison consults at Ascension in New Farm