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Boost Volume and Hydration with Cheek Filler

Dermal filler used in the cheeks can make an enormous difference to the way that light reflects off the face. This is something that makeup artists understand very well.

They do this every day using highlighter and bronzer to create light and shadows. However the same can be achieved by using dermal filler to change the shape of the cheeks.

Cheek filler is a very common procedure aimed at restoring lost volume in the mid-face as a result of bone loss, atrophy of fat compartments and sagging of tissue as a result of ageing.

What we can Improve

Size and symmetry

Cheek filler can help patients who have flat or underdeveloped cheek bones. This can be corrected to give a more balanced proportion to the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face. There may also be an asymmetry between the sides of the face due to sun damage on the driver’s side or from sleeping predominantly on one side.

Cheek ageing

As we age, we lose volume in both the deep and superficial fat compartments in the face. This results in a sunken and tired appearance. One of the first places this occurs is in the cheek and mid-face. Restoring this lost volume using filler in the cheek gives a more youthful and refreshed look.


The shape of the cheek is very important to creating a natural and beautiful outcome in patients of all ages. It frames the face and gives structural support structures of the lower face. Cheek filler can be used to create a soft curve from the side of the cheek with good forward projection and a smooth transition to the area around the mouth. There are very important gender differences that must be taken into consideration when injecting this area so as to create a masculine cheek in men and a feminine cheek in women.

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